Letter May 2020

It is now over six months since we last wrote.
I am sorry not to have kept you updated.
Greetings to all our wonderful friends in the name of Jesus.

Letter January 2020

The work of the mission IMP and the church MCF is basically the same.
The promotion of the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping those in need.
The farm, Ol Joro (meaning the watering hole in Maasai) was started by IMP and handed over to the church.

Newsletter October 2019

In June we said goodbye to Peter and Mary and the family,
who have gone to California for a year. They are enjoying their time there and
we pray that the Lord will continue to bless them and protect them.

Newsletter June 2019

Who says that retirement is a time to be quiet?
Since we have been on a retirement permit, our lives continue to be busy, mostly helping people in their difficulties.

Ellis Bericht

Über Ostern waren wir Elli und Hakika in Moshi bei Streets, dem Ehepaar, die Gemeindearbeit unter den Massai machen und die wir als Verein immer wieder finanziell unterstützen.

Newsletter March 2019

We want to fill you in with some of the happenings in our lives over the last few months.
There are tales of sickness, rejoicing, death, changes in lives and a furthering of God's kingdom that He is doing.

Newsletter December 2018

The farm is progressing well, but we have a good problem, that so much passion fruit is being produced it is breaking the wires because of the weight. The fruit is very sweet (purple variety) and the market price fluctuates a lot.

Newsletter April 2018

The last few months have been loaded with problems of different sorts, sicknesses of friends and a general pressure on all we do and stand for. However we are at peace and believe that the Lord is in control of all our circumstances.

Happy Christmas 2017

Apologies for being so long in sending out a news letter. Thank you for your patience love prayers and kindness to us and the work we are involved in. We were in the UK and Norway over the summer.

Newsletter April 2017

The year seems to have flown by and the Lord has been faithful to us. We are grateful to all our friends who have prayed and supported us over this last year.

Newsletter December 2016

On the water front on the dam, we received an estimate for a plastic liner and new pump of $23,000 US dollars. This is way too expensive and they would only guarantee it for 1 year.

Newsletter October 2016

The water on the farm dam has completely dried up and we can see that the termite hill soil did not stop the water from leaking and ended up at the bottom.

Tansania 10.04. - 28.05.2016

Wie oft wir schon in Tansania waren? Ja, da müssten wir erst mal nachrechnen. Aber ist das wirklich wichtig? Wir haben den Eindruck, es ist Teil unseres Lebens.
Im April/ Mai 2016 waren wir wieder auf Reisen. Dieses Mal hatten wir fast fünf Wochen Zeit, deshalb Gelegenheit, uns mit mehreren Leuten zu treffen und einige Orte zu besuchen.

Newsletter September 2016

Nalari, the little maasai girl with scoliosis is now back in Tz fom Ghana. She had some operations and is doing well.

Newsletter Mai 2016

The rains were 3 weeks late and in that time we had the hottest temperatures we have had here in 32 years; day after day of 390C with 86% humidity.

Newsletter September 2015

The rains were not very good here in northern Tz and the harvest is poor, so the price of maize is higher than usual and will rise. We are very grateful for generous gifts, for food for 2 schools as well as to fill both maize stores.

Newsletter April 2015

We have continued to try various different crops; onions doing well, tomatoes, cucumbers, egg plants. One of our problems is the very strong sun, which necesitates the use of blanket or mulch which is hard to come by.

Newsletter December 2014

Mike Peens is no longer with us working on the farm. We are grateful for all the hard work that he put in in the first year including putting up the fence round the farm - an excellent job; supervising the making of the dam - a difficult undertaking and well done

Tansania 8.10. - 3.11.2014

"Alle Jahre wieder" könnte man sagen, denn auch in diesem Jahr verbrachten wir im Herbst ebenfalls fast vier Wochen (8.10. - 3.11.14) in Tansania. Doch obwohl es nicht unser erster Aufenthalt dort war, kann man nicht von Routine sprechen. Diesesmal hatten wir zwei unserer Patenkinder dabei.

Newsletter April 2014

Just a couple of weeks ago we managed to finish lining the reservoir. We chose not to line it with plastic sheeting as finances did not permit. Instead we lined it with termite soil mixed with bentonite (which expands when put in water) and Mike has done a very good job with a large labour force - up to 35 people at times.

Newsletter April 2013

We have had a major rethink about what we are going to do with the problem of water. In the last letter you may remember that we were hoping to buy a reverse osmosis pump to remove the high fluoride in the well water. About a third of the money required came in for this, so we put our thinking caps on and the Lord gave Mike the idea to build a small reservoir with a lining, which will give a 4,000,000 litre capacity.

Tansania 28.09. - 15.10.2012

Wir sind zurück im kalten herbstlichen Deutschland und haben so viel erlebt, so viele Leute getroffen, kennen gelernt, so viel gesehen und so viel Staub geschluckt. Es waren tolle, volle Tage und wahrscheinlich werden nur Tagebucheintragungen und die vielen Bilder immer wieder die Erinnerung auffrischen, man kann sich eigentlich kaum alles merken.

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